Letter to Inner Writer

Dear Inner Writer (aka. Bigger Self):

I have so much fun with you, and yet I worry about validity, income and… hurting others.

Even 5 years distance from the That’s My Daddy piece, and I’ve lost the edge that delivered that work.

Of course, my first work of memoir, 19, is a primary source, so that itself is very different, but how do I stay authentic without hurting others?

And what if the work isn’t meaningful enough to be read by tons of others?

Because THIS is the reach that I WANT.

I know, I know. The work is of value to me, no matter what, but can’t I want (and have) BOTH!



Because it’s there.
It calls me.
Just as you call me.

Though perhaps the call I hear for success is the call of the annoying, repetitive bird (my ego) rather than the soulful call of the thrush.

But then what about my validity?
Fuck, why does income determine it and how blindly I follow that cultural norm without serious question.

But then what of practicality–of paying bills, making dreams come true, having ease in day to day living.

And what about the big O–OTHERS–the world–where does this fit into my work–how am I contributing?

Yes, in my writing.
Each answer is this.
In my writing.
In my writing.
In my writing.

I remember the words of Kabir…

Wherever I am, that is the entry point.


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(circa? 2014)

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