To Thresh, a letter from my inner writer

Today is a day of integration, but first: threshing.

I’m digging through piles of notes, scribbles, letters, notebooks; all in a effort to move forward with THIS BOOK! which is now spanning a third year.

To lighten the load, I’m posting any treasures I find among the rubble so that there is no need to “save” these for later…

This one is a letter that I penned to myself; but I’m not sure that it’s from my self. At least not the lower case self.

Dear Kelly,

Hi. Thanks for spending so much time with me lately. I thought it would never come. I have so much to say–the depth of which you have only begun to tap with your beautiful bursts of attention.

Letting things come.

All aligned with that supple softness that you long to infuse your life.
It is HERE.

Like an underground sea, a depth of presence is required to access me, but once discovered, the way is easily recovered as you know more and more each day.

Yes, I know you are afraid of this bigger piece of writing that I have offered.
Apply the same principle as to the very small:

Let it come.

Find the soft suppleness in even this.

No need to rush, as you’ve finally heard me saying to you.

There is nothing that you need to do that you are not doing.

Truly, wherever you are is the way.

That deep, soulful call of the thrush that you love so much lives inside you too.
It is to be shared. By each who possesses it and the aching need to dance with it and express it.

Kelly, your people are those many who don’t suspect that they have this depth, but you know they do. You’ve always seen the beauty or at least the potential in all–which is what made you such a gifted teacher–and a writer of the people–like Diana, the people’s princess, though you like to think of yourself as a peasant, among peasants, but as one who spends much more time thinking–so that others can sew or cook or tend the gardens–all of which feeds your writing as you know.

And of course, Kelly, there’s your Queen. Your inner queen of grace, beauty and integrity.
We know her well.

She is the jewel that lights the way to our crystal waters–allowing you to be a beacon for others along the way.

And now we’re ready to listen as you have listened to us,

With Love,
Your Inner Writer

(circa: 2014)

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