Kelly is born into Royalty, but is soon exiled, and later dethroned–after the brutal death of the powerful Matriarch, her beloved grandmother–LILA.

Oksana Fomin

Oksana Fomin

Kelly continues lives in the empty palace until the age of 21 when it comes under siege.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

Forced into hiding, Kelly battles demon after demon in decade of darkness, eventually forgetting her Royal destiny.

Zibi Genis

Another two decades pass before she awakens to her true identity.


Zenos Frudakis, sculptor

She recalls a vision she had in exile:  She sat on beautiful throne, but instead of ruling, she was giving.

Kelly begins to release the crown and sets to nourish her heart instead.

Clair Oaks

Clair Oaks

The journey takes some unexpected twists.


John Lavery

She finds her way to her calling–a journey she first began, alone, in a dusty journal, all those years ago when her world was torn apart.

woman:desk:writing Macke

August Macke

She writes through her past and into her present and finally into the future.

Ericka Lugo

Ericka Lugo

There, she discovers another Queen; perhaps the one she’d been truly been seeking.

On her 50th birthday, she claims her Virginity.


With the realization that this Crown belongs to every…

And that her gift is to pass that on…


The Yoga of Lila

a Memoir

of Devotion

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